Midweek Music for July 24th

Happy Humpday!

Last week I spent four very lovely, very long days in a cabin with high school girls. Sunday I got back to civilization and hopped in the shower expecting to relax. Au contraire! For lurking midst the mist was none other than this song. It crawled deep into my poor, vulnerable, unsuspecting brain and latched. Today's cover is an effort to free myself from being ruthlessly Axled for all eternity.



Midweek music for July 17th

Happy Humpday!

It's good to be back! Last week I committed a tremendous export fail and the two weeks prior I was unexpectedly unable to track anything. It feels wonderful to be back in the swing.

This week's post is a cover of "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. This song is one of that I've known as long as I can remember. I'm pretty happy with the de- and re- construction of this one. Because I give myself an allotted amount of time each week (not more than an afternoon) to spend on this creative exercise (from choosing the song to typing the blog post), the results are not always... thrilling. BUT today's is in my top 5. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making! Happy week!

"Sunny" by Bobby Hebb
Listen. Download. Enjoy!



Midweek music for June 19th

Happy Humpday!

Hello, lovelies! Hope you're having a happy Wednesday. I know I am! I've had the pleasure of spending my days this week working with some very talented, young musicians at the Otis Redding Songwriters Camp. Really incredible! I have been doing a little songwriting myself and decided to post a demo of a new song for you today. This song is part of the new material I've been working on for a record that'll surface sometime next spring.



Midweek Music for June 12th

Happy Humpday!

Today, in the hot Georgia sun, the wind, birds and I tracked this song for you.



Midweek Music for June 5th

Happy Humpday!

Today I'm posting a cover of Townes Van Zandt's "I'll Be Here In The Morning." I love Townes. So much. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I  enjoyed making it, Gbots.



Midweek music for May 29th

Happy Humpday!

This morning I covered Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice It's All Right." I remember immediately falling in love with this song the first time I heard it. Now, it seems to just get better and better. I thought about a few different arrangements, but the one-shot, open-air, tempo-liberated approach stuck.



Midweek Media for May 22nd

Happy Humpday!

Today I post a demo of sorts. I've been playing with a few ideas, trying out a method or two, and sweeping up the cutting room floor. Thought I'd post a peek in the dustpan this week.



Midweek Music for May 15th

Happy Humpday!

Today I post a skeleton of a demo - the sonic birth of "Parallel Paths." Of the new batch in the works, this is currently my favorite piece on the table. When I first wrote this song, it sounded nothing like it does today. Who knows what she'll do tomorrow. This idea seems to have a life of its own, and I get the privilege of following it around. I'm really enjoying composing this new record and eager to share it with you, Googlebot.


Midweek Dancing for May 1st

Happy Humpday!

This week I've decided to cover a dance instead of a song. I'm posting "Victory Dance" today because I just finished my finals! I'll be back next week with something fresh and delicious... like mango.


Midweek Music for April 24th

Happy Humpday!

Today I've made excellent use of my procrastination skills and tracked my rendition of "Baby, It's You" by the Shirelles. I love this song. Hope you enjoy tune and the rest of your day! I'll be elbow deep in a school project... Yum...


Midweek Music for April 17th

Happy Humpday!

This week I post an original demo "Neon." My buddy Val saw me perform this song at a show recently and liked it. So, Val, here ya go!


Midweek Music for April 10th

Happy Humpday!

This week I'm posting a demo of a new song. I'm working on a record I hope to release later this summer. We'll find out later if this one makes the cut.


Midweek Music for April 3rd

It is with sweet sadness that I share today's post. Early this morning, my beautiful grandmother left this earth for bigger and better things. She was a woman of incredible faith and love for her family. The last time I saw her we actually sang this song together. 

I love you, Mema.


Midweek Music for March 27th

Happy Humpday!! Aaaaaaaaaaand happy birthday to me! 

I've had such a wonderful day so far, and it's only getting better. I'm in Omaha recording the new Coyote Bones record at Make Believe. As if that's not fun enough, we'll also be playing a show later this evening. I'm one lucky twenty-something. Ha!

So, today I'm posting a one-shot-wonder I tracked a minute ago with the help of my lovely and incredibly talented bandmate Daniel Ocanto. 

Have fun celebrating the rest of my birthday!


Midweek Music for March 20th

Happy Humpday! 

This week I covered Magnetic Fields' "A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off" from 69 Love Songs. I love this song! It's so fun! I definitely laughed more than I sang while working on this one today. 


Midweek Music for March 13th

Happy Humpday!

This week I covered Megafaun's "Worried Mind" from Gather, Form & Fly. Had mucho fun working on this one today. If you listen closely at the end you can hear my upstairs neighbor's dog howling. Happens most every time I sing. Hmm...


Midweek Music for March 6th

Happy Humpday!

This week I'm posting the title track from an EP that was released a day or two [thousand] ago. On a few random occasions lately, I've been asked where this song can be found for download. So, because it seems to keep popping up and because most of my music tracking time is currently devoted to the new Coyote Bones record, the decision made itself. Fun fact - This is the first love song I ever wrote.


Midweek Music for February 27th

Happy Humpday!

Today I'm posting a demo I recorded this morning of a song I wrote a while ago. Of all of the songs that I've written, this is my BFF's favorite. So, Katie, I post this for you. Love you! Mean it!


Midweek Music for February 20th

Happy Humpday!

Here's something I'm currently working on. Consider it a demo I guess. The working title is "River Dawn." I obviously want to be in an instrumental band. Huh.


Midweek Music for February 13th

Happy Humpday! AND Happy Valentine's Eve! 

This week I covered Willie Nelson's "Valentine." If the pink and red aisles of the grocery store don't do it for you maybe this will. <3

Playing a ukelele my parents gave me for Valentine's Day. I didn't even hint! Thanks, mom and dad.


Midweek Music for February 6th

Happy Humpday!

I missed you last week! I spent last Wednesday in a Theraflu haze - drinking oj and eating eggdrop soup. Feeling much better now. Thanks!

This Friday I'll be playing a solo show at Blackbird Coffee with Angels of Indifference. I haven't heard this project yet, but from what I understand it's "ambient country." I'm pretty stoked! So, for the occasion, I figured I'd pull some country songs from my own dusty archives. Today's tune is a demo I recorded with David Matysiak (my Coyote Bones bandmate) during some summer month in 2009. Seems like yesterday and a hundred years ago. I'll be playing this song Friday along with several other ancient, woe-is-me gems.


Midweek Music for January 23rd

Happy Humpday!

In honor of my beautiful mother's 36th birthday, this week I've covered "Close to You" by The Carpenters. My mom loves Karen Carpenter's voice and has mentioned (repeatedly on multiple occasions) how 'nice it would be' if I covered a Carpenters' song for her. Well, Mom, here ya go! Happy birthday!


Midweek Music for January 16th

Happy Humpday! 
This week I covered Ben Kweller's "My Apartment."
I had a lot of fun working on this today. Hope you enjoy!


Happy Humpday! Midweek Music!

Personally, I don't think Wednesdays get the love they deserve. I know I'm guilty of rushing over them in an effort to get the other side. No more! Wednesday, we've had our ups and downs, but this year will be different. I resolve to value the character building experience of learning to spell your name. For without you, I may in fact be hooked on phonics. I resolve to appreciate all of the pivotal glory you bring to my week and share my newfound adoration with the rest of the world!

As an expression of my gratitude for Wednesdays, I'll be posting new music every midweek. Sometimes covers, sometimes originals, sometimes themes and variations by my dog.

Happy Humpday! Midweek Music for January 9, 2013
Click, listen, download and enjoy. Friday's just around the corner!