Midweek Music for February 27th

Happy Humpday!

Today I'm posting a demo I recorded this morning of a song I wrote a while ago. Of all of the songs that I've written, this is my BFF's favorite. So, Katie, I post this for you. Love you! Mean it!


Midweek Music for February 20th

Happy Humpday!

Here's something I'm currently working on. Consider it a demo I guess. The working title is "River Dawn." I obviously want to be in an instrumental band. Huh.


Midweek Music for February 13th

Happy Humpday! AND Happy Valentine's Eve! 

This week I covered Willie Nelson's "Valentine." If the pink and red aisles of the grocery store don't do it for you maybe this will. <3

Playing a ukelele my parents gave me for Valentine's Day. I didn't even hint! Thanks, mom and dad.


Midweek Music for February 6th

Happy Humpday!

I missed you last week! I spent last Wednesday in a Theraflu haze - drinking oj and eating eggdrop soup. Feeling much better now. Thanks!

This Friday I'll be playing a solo show at Blackbird Coffee with Angels of Indifference. I haven't heard this project yet, but from what I understand it's "ambient country." I'm pretty stoked! So, for the occasion, I figured I'd pull some country songs from my own dusty archives. Today's tune is a demo I recorded with David Matysiak (my Coyote Bones bandmate) during some summer month in 2009. Seems like yesterday and a hundred years ago. I'll be playing this song Friday along with several other ancient, woe-is-me gems.